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Pennsylvania For Trump

Format: TV / Digital

Description: Joe Biden and the Democrats are weak on crime and want to take away our Second Amendment rights. Teddy Daniels has some strong words for the Democrats’ extreme policies.

Marjorie Taylor Greene for Congress

Format: TV / Digital

Our country is under attack by violent, godless marxists who hate everything America stands for. They destroy our statues, burn our businesses, and attack our police. We need conservative fighter Marjorie Taylor Greene. She will fight back!

Stop Swamper John Cowan

Format: TV / Digital

John Cowan is the swamp and is backed by the swamp. He won’t stand up to the socialists. He is OK with renaming our great Georgia military bases – Fort Benning and Fort Stewart.

Creepy Joe Biden

Format: Radio / TV / Digital

Description: Joe Biden is an accused rapist whose campaign is led by a former advisor to serial predator Harvey Weinstein. It’s time to listen to Tara Reade and the others and tell Joe Biden, Time’s Up.

Reelect Trump to Prevent This from Happening Again

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Radical liberal Democrats’ open borders, globalist policies have made it impossible to contain COVID-19. This November we must re-elect President Trump and elect a Republican Congress to secure America once and for all.

The Sun is Still Rising

Format: Digital

Description: This video captures a beautiful portrait of America painted by President Trump during his State of the Union Address.

Stop Spanberger and Her Impeachment Coup

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Abigail Spanberger voted to impeach President Trump in a fit of left-wing partisan rage. Stop Spanberger and her impeachment sham!

Dane Eagle Betrayal

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Dane Eagle sold out Florida gun owners. Make sure Dane Eagle does not go to Congress. Florida’s 19th District needs a strong Constitutional Conservative – not Dane Eagle.

Gary Peters Extreme

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Socialist Gary Peters is for extreme leftwing policies that hurt Michigan. Support Combat Veteran John James for US Senate. Pro America and Pro Michigan.

Cenk Uygur Beastiality

Format: Television / Radio

Description: Beastiality… Say what? Cenk Uygur is too crazy, even for California. We don’t want someone this out there in Congress.

Pete Buttigieg Woke

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Pete Buttigieg is a bumbling inept mayor. If he can’t run South Bend, what makes him think he can run America?

Us vs. Them

Format: Digital

Description: The 2020 election comes down to freedom or socialism. We cannot afford to let them win. President Trump must be reelected.

Jealous Mitt Romney

Format: Radio / Digital

Description: Tell jealous Mitt Romney to stand with President Donald J. Trump! Mitt needs to stop working with socialists who want to impeach the president.

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